Volvo celebrates 20th anniversary of its original performance wagon

855 T-5R meets V60 Polestar
Nov 17, 2014
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Volvo celebrates 20th anniversary of its original high-performance wagon

In 1994, Volvo introduced its first high-performance wagon: the 855 T-5R, which had a five-cylinder turbocharged engine that produced 240hp and 330Nm. Twenty years later and Polestar brought the car together with its current heir, the V60 Polestar, at Huntington Beach in California.

"Fast Volvo estates like the 855 T-5R are something special to many performance car enthusiasts around the world, and we are proud to continue that heritage to a new level with the V60 Polestar," said Polestar chief executive Christian Dahl.

Check out how far apart the two cars are after 20 years, technologically speaking.

Specification of the 855 T-5R / V60 Polestar

Engine: R5 2,319cc / R6 2,953cc

Power: 240hp / 350hp

Torque: 330Nm / 500Nm

0-100kph: 7.0sec / 4.9sec

100-0kph: 45m / 34m

Top speed: 245kph / 250kph (electronically limited)

Gearbox: 4-speed automatic / 6-speed automatic

Drive: FWD / 4WD

Rims: 17 inches / 20 inches

Tires: 205/45 / 245/35

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Weight: 1,600kg / 1,834kg

"I still remember the overwhelming reception we got when we showed the T-5R for the first time, especially combined with the current BTCC program we had with the 850 estate," said Thomas Lindskog, vice president for the 800-series cars at Volvo in 1994. "I am very glad to see Polestar together with Volvo continuing this unique heritage today in the form of the V60 Polestar."

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