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Who says the Land Rover Defender can\'t be luxurious?

Meet the Carisma Defender


In Land Rover\'s product lineup, the Defender is its most utilitarian, thanks to its off-road capability, making it a favored model for extremely rough terrain. Carisma Auto Design, however, thinks that the Defender can have the interior luxury of a Range Rover and be as bespoke as a Rolls-Royce.

According to Carisma, it greatly respects Land Rover\'s design pedigree, which is why it hasn\'t modified the exterior but only enhanced the interior, \"allowing discerning clients to engage in outdoor activities while in total comfort.\"

A Carisma Defender makes use of an extensive range of exotic leather, carpet and wood available in any combination, ensuring that no two Defenders from Carisma Auto Design are ever the same. To make sure that the leather hide it uses is pristine, Carisma supposedly only sources it from barbed-wire free environments. Complementing this are real wood veneers that are hand-built and fitted to the vehicle \"by a team of some of the best English craftspeople.\"


The Carisma Defender can also be equipped with a wide range of multimedia options using either Windows or Apple operating systems, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup to keep you connected even when on the move, and with Bang & Olufsen audio equipment \"to provide the ultimate traveling experience.\"

\"Satisfying special and unusual requests is a key part of our specialist skills and services,\" said Carisma Auto Design sales and marketing director Clive Drake. \"Clients come to us because they know that we can achieve the impossible and deliver a vehicle to them that exceeds their expectations. Trust me, we’ve been asked to incorporate some truly outlandish features, but we still manage to integrate them seamlessly into the vehicle\'s interior.\"



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