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2015 Mitsubishi ASX

In August, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines quietly released the 2015 ASX, now boasting (among other things) an updated F1CJC INVECS-III continuously variable transmission to go with the tried-and-tested 4B11 2.0-liter 16-valve DOHC MIVEC gasoline engine.

The bigger news in said announcement was that the ASX now comes in just two front-wheel-drive variants: the 4x2 GLS (P1,148,000) and the 4x2 GSR (P1,248,000). Which means Mitsubishi's compact SUV will no longer be offered as an all-wheel-drive crossover. Why is that?

Today, at MMPC's formal media presentation of the 2015 ASX and Pajero, the company's marketing services vice president, Froilan Dytianquin, told that the reason for this is that they are sorting out their SUV offerings. To be specific, it's because the new Outlander midsize SUV (photo below) is arriving next year.

And what has the Outlander got to do with the ASX being made available in just 4x2 variants? Well, MMPC wants the ASX to be an all-4x2 lineup and the Outlander to be an all-4x4 roster. Yep, this means the Outlander won't have a single 4x2 variant when it is launched in our market in 2015, according to Dytianquin.

So that settles it. MMPC doesn't want its SUV models to cannibalize each other's sales. The distributor wants its SUVs to have distinct target markets. When you walk into a Mitsubishi showroom next year to buy an SUV that is not named Montero Sport or Pajero, one of the first major considerations you need to settle is: 4x2 (ASX) or 4x4 (Outlander)?

What is it for you?


Mitsubishi ASX

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