Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Want to know why we don't have the Mazda 6 wagon?

In May, we told you why Mazda's local distributor, Berjaya Auto Philippines, can't bring in the diesel-powered 6. Well, today we'll tell you why we might never see the 6's wagon variant on our shores.

According to Berjaya Auto Philippines sales director Japheth Castillo, the management's decision to bring in the sedan instead of the wagon lies in the longer wheelbase of the former.

"Traditionally, wagons either share the same wheelbase or it's slightly longer than their sedan counterpart," Castillo told "With the 6, it's the opposite since the wagon has a much smaller wheelbase (2,750mm) than the sedan (2,830mm)."

Why the different-sized wheelbases? Castillo explained that it's because the wagon was developed for the European market where the streets are small and narrow, while the sedan was built for the American market where a premium is often placed on how large a vehicle is.

As for Mazda Philippines, it apparently  decided on the sedan because the feedback the company had received on the previous model was that its wheelbase was too short.

"A lot of people have said that the previous Mazda 6 was good and that its only problem was the short wheelbase," Castillo revealed. "So we decided to get the sedan for the third-generation model to solve that problem. People can no longer complain that the 6 has a short wheelbase. As a matter of fact, the 6 currently has the longest wheelbase in its class. So even if we decide to bring in the wagon, it might not sell as many units as the sedan because of its shorter wheelbase."

So, do you think Berjaya Auto Philippines made the right choice in bringing in the sedan instead of the wagon? Or do you think the wagon deserves a place in our market? Take the poll.

Which version of the Mazda 6 do you prefer?

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