Citroen reveals diorama honoring Sebastien Loeb's 9 WRC titles

Mounted on a Citroen DS3
Mar 1, 2013 Philippine Car News - Citroen reveals diorama honoring Loeb and Elena's nine WRC titles

Citroen is honoring Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena's nine-straight World Rally Championship titles with a 1:43-scale WRC diorama molded onto a Citroen DS3--the same model that brought the pair their ninth title.

The diorama was finished to the highest quality and with the utmost attention to detail, with the nine different rally terrains--one for every championship title--featuring a scale model of one of the duo's championship-winning cars dating back to 2004.

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Making the diorama even more realistic are the ice and dust clouds that provide a sense of speed, while the flowers, shrubbery, cameramen and spectators complete the scene.

It took designer Kieron Barter and his team of model makers two months to complete the project.

"When I was initially approached by Citroen about this, I was really excited," said Barter. "It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience so I jumped at the chance. The most enjoyable and perhaps most challenging part was working with a DS3 to get the mold for the car, purely because it's not something that I've done before, and it was very important to get the mold right."


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