Did F1 champ Sebastian Vettel beat the Stig's time on the TG track?

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Jul 11, 2011

You may have heard that defending Formula 1 champ (and most likely this year's title winner as well) Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing recently guested on Top Gear. He was there to drive around the TG track, of course, using the old reliable Suzuki Liana in the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' segment.

Before his lap was shown, he gamely did the mandatory interview with Jeremy Clarkson, in which the host revealed that Red Bull car designer Adrian Newey was his former schoolmate and that Newey used to "copy" from him in Physics class. Also, during the interview, Vettel claimed that he usually gave his racing cars a name: "Kinky Kylie" for the current 2011 car, "Luscious Liz" for last year's car, and "Kate's Dirty Sister" for the 2009 car. Mmm...

Anyway, how do you think Vettel fared in his lap around the TG track? For the record, among all F1 drivers who had driven the Liana around the track, Rubens Barrichello held the fastest time at 1:44.3, followed by the Stig at 1:44.4. Nigel Mansell, meanwhile, had done a 1:44.6, while McLaren teammates Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button had both submitted a 1:44.7.

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You think the current F1 champ had it in him to beat his colleagues in this challenge? Watch the video.


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