DOE to publish cheap-fuel cheat sheet for motorists

Know where to go
Aug 22, 2011

We're pretty much used to getting news about oil price adjustments every week. And since the Department of Energy (DOE) can't seem to do anything about controlling prices, what with our deregulated oil market, it is offering the next best thing: a cheat sheet for motorists to find the cheapest fuel in different areas.

This program, which will start next week, is expected to "promote competition and guide motorists where to gas up," an report said, citing DOE undersecretary Jose Layug as source.

The report added, however, that transport groups are not impressed by the DOE's idea, saying that it's just another superficial move. "Papogi lang 'yan," said Alliance of Concerned Transport Organization president Efren de Luna said.

No detail was given as to how the DOE will spread the information but in this age of social media, we won't be surprised if word about the cheapest fuel in town starts spreading on Facebook and Twitter. But seriously, do you think something like this is useful to motorist if the price difference between fuel stations is just a few pesos or centavos?

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