Ferrari launches in-house customization program

For those who prefer a unique Prancing Horse ride
Dec 8, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ferrari launches its in-house customization program

Ferrari has launched Tailor-Made, a personalization program for clients who wish "to create a truly bespoke car that will be a clear expression of their own unique personalities and tastes."

Through the program, Ferrari owners can now specify every last detail of their Ferrari--from the exterior livery and color to the cabin trim--through a completely unprecedented choice of finishes, accessories, materials, treatments and colors.

The process starts with an owner being assisted and guided through the selection process by his or her own personal designer from Ferrari who sees to it that the resulting car is "both unique and consistent with the Ferrari brand and its tradition." Once the car's details have been defined, the client can track all processes involved the creation of his car right up until the personalized Ferrari is delivered or picked up in Maranello.

According to Ferrari, its Tailor-Made program is classified into three collections as inspired by the Italian carmaker's DNA. 

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Scuderia takes its inspiration from Ferrari's sporting history, offering a choice of racing-derived materials, finishes and liveries. Classica, on the other hand, provides a modern twist on the styling cues and features of Maranello's iconic and classic grand touring cars. Lastly, Inedita lives up to its name by introducing an element of experimentation and innovation in terms of styling, colours and materials.

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Now you know where to turn to when you're buying a brand-new Ferrari that suits your personal taste. A 458 Italia with denim- or corduroy-clad upholstery, anyone?



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