Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Fleet of Minis to travel to Artic Circle

On November 24, a fleet of Minis will drive from the BMW Group headquarters in Munich to the Finnish city of Rovaniemi, which is located in the Arctic Circle, to not only bring Christmas letters from all over the world to Santa Claus, but to also compete for an official Guinness World Record attempt by trying to assemble the longest wish list for Father Christmas.

The Mini fleet will include a Clubman, a Countryman, a Hatchback, a Coupe, a Roadster, and a Cabrio, while the journey will reportedly cover more than 3,000km and pass through some of Europe's most beautiful cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Upon arrival at Rovaniemi, the convoy will be welcomed by a Paceman, the seventh and latest addition to the Mini family. Also on hand to receive the Minis at Rovaniemi will be Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen in a classic Mini. At the Arctic Circle, Rauno will also demonstrate his talent behind the wheel of the Paceman.

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