Ford PH's July sales driven by demand for all-new Ranger, Fiesta

Best-ever sales for the pickup nameplate
Aug 14, 2012 Philippine Car News - Ford Philippines' July sales driven by demand for all-new Ranger, Fiesta

Ford Group Philippines' sales for July grew by 23 percent compared to the same period last year after the American carmaker sold 745 units.

Leading Ford's sales, according to the company's press release, was the all-new Ranger with 246 units moved out of the showroom, making it the best-ever sales of the nameplate since its introduction in the Philippines in 1999.

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"We are encouraged by the demand for the class-defining all-new Ranger," said Ford Group Philippines president Randy Krieger. "With its impressive combination of capability, smart technology, safety, excellent fuel economy, and comfort, we know that the all-new Ranger will redefine the pickup truck segment in the Philippines."

The Fiesta, meanwhile, continues to be a sales mover for Ford with 236 units sold last month, with the five-door version maintaining its position as the country's best-selling, five-door hatchback through the first seven months of the year.

"We’re starting to see increased demand across our entire range of products, which gives us great momentum and confidence for the remainder of the year," added Krieger. "With sales and deliveries of the all-new Ranger now underway and with the recent launches of both the all-new Focus and the Mustang, we are really excited for the months ahead."

Customer deliveries for both the Focus and the Mustang will reportedly begin in September.

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