Ford polling public on how Focus EV should sound like

Wouldn't it be better if you can customize the sound yourself?
Jun 24, 2011

The bane of electric vehicles is that with their silent propulsion system, they often catch unsuspecting pedestrians and other motorists unaware. This increases the risk of accidents on the road.

This is probably why for the upcoming Focus Electric, Ford is asking the public to choose the sound the  vehicle should emit to alert people of the car's presence in their vicinity.

Through the Ford Electric Vehicles’ Facebook page, people can choose what the Ford Focus Electric should sound like by ranking four different options--from their favorite to the one they like the least.

We've listened to the sounds and while a couple do give off a futuristic hum that best fits EVs, one sounds like an ordinary internal combustion engine-equipped car.

If that's good or bad for an electric vehicle, we’d like you to tell us. Or better yet, why not tell us your own ranking for the four proposed Ford Focus Electric sounds?

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