Fuel firm Seaoil launches bottle-recycling drive

Time to give back
Aug 8, 2011

Seaoil products

Seaoil Philippines is taking the 'green' route this month with the launch of a bottle-recycling drive to promote environmental awareness.

Until August 31, the fuel company will accept empty Seaoil lubricant bottles at its stations nationwide in exchange for cash. Here's what customers can get when they swap empty Seaoil bottles:

Seaoil Product Bottle Size
1-liter 4-liter
MAKO 5W40 P10 P30
Geo Supreme P1 P5
Geo GT 30 and 40
Deo HDX 500 SAE 40
Deo HD 200 SAE 40
EP 90 and 140
4T Power
2T GrandPrix

"By reusing old bottles for the packaging of our lubricant products, Seaoil is doing its part in minimizing the impact plastics have on the environment," said Seaoil president Glenn Yu. "Seaoil believes that everything we do, big or small, has an effect in this world. So it is important that we take every measure to consciously promote better environmental care."

Caring for the environment is not a new advocacy for Seaoil, which was established in 1996. It has since been active in research, development and production of environmentally-safe petroleum products. In 2005, Seaoil became the first oil firm to launch a gasoline product with 10 percent ethanol, a biodegradable material that helps produce cleaner emissions.

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Want to learn more ways to be a 'green' motorist? Check out the August 2011 issue of Top Gear Philippines!

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