Geneva preview: Future Toyota B-segment hybrid

New concept aims for maximum fuel efficiency
Feb 23, 2012

Toyota FTBhJust look at those curves! That sexy teaser is nothing less than rear of the Toyota FT-Bh--or the Future Toyota B-segment hybrid.

The FTBh is a new concept that represents Toyota's "total vehicle" approach, which basically means the Japanese car company focused on five design and engineering factors to create a fuel-efficient car. These factors are low weight, powertrain efficiency, aerodynamic performance, thermal energy management and electricity saving.

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"It's as spacious as an average five-door supermini, but produces about 50 percent less carbon dioxide, and tipping the scales at under 800kg, it weighs less than a three-door Aygo," Toyota said in a statement.

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Toyota said it did not use any expensive technique or exotic materials in coming up with the FT-Bh concept vehicle so it may be produced using "economically-viable production methods."

The photos here are the only ones released by Toyota so far. Watch for more of this exciting vehicle when it debuts at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6.


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