Geneva preview: Nissan Invitation concept

A future contender in the B-segment

Nissan is a step closer to introducing a new compact hatchback in the market with the scheduled revelation of the Invitation concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

The concept car "shows some of the innovation and excitement promised for a new model," Nissan said in a statement. The car will be launched in Europe in 2013.

"The name we have given to this concept is self-explanatory," said Francois Bancon, Nissan's deputy division general manager for product strategy and planning. "It is designed to be inviting, thanks to its sensuous exterior design, and generous and comfortable interior space, cleverly packaged within compact overall dimensions."

The Invitation's design features what Nissan calls the "Squash Line" that aims at giving the hatchback a dynamic look. Front and rear wings are also in place to add to the car's confident stance.

Aside from its good looks, here are other characteristics found in the Invitation that, Nissan hopes, would make for an irresistible deal for new-car buyers in 2013.

Frugal. Nissan has set an "ultra-low" carbon dioxide emission target of below 100g/km for the "most frugal" version of the Invitation. All variants are eligible to wear the brand's Pure Drive badge, which is found in Nissan vehicles with emissions below 140g/km.

Advanced. For its segment, at least, the Invitation claims to be the only one with an around-view mirror safety technology for stress-free reversing and parallel parking.

Safe. The Invitation also incorporates the Nissan Safety Shield Technology, which allows the vehicle to help the driver be more aware of the environment and make the car "protect" the people inside and around it.



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