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Volkswagen in the Philippines

The local auto industry is now abuzz with rumors that Yulon Motor of Taiwan, which owns Nissan Motor Philippines, is set to bring Volkswagen to our market. If this is true, it will finally put to rest all the speculations about which company will be granted the exclusive rights to distribute the German car brand in the Philippines. Among those who have made a bid for the VW distributorship are PGA Cars, the Autohub Group, CATS Motors, industry mogul Pepito Alvarez, and even the Ayala Group.

But now, certain industry players are saying that Yulon Motor has the inside track. has even received a tip claiming that Yulon has officially secured the rights to Volkswagen.

We asked somebody inside NMPI and this is what we got: "I've heard that, although I haven't seen any movements. But here's the one question that has been bugging my mind: Why is Yulon stubbornly maintaining a manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa, Laguna, that has a production capacity of 30,000 units a year when our sales volume is way below that? Wouldn't we be better off importing CBU units?"

Interesting. The next few months should be very exciting for our market. We'll keep you posted.

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