Haynes car repair manual reportedly going online

Videos on car repair for the win!
Jun 28, 2011

A Haynes car repair manual is like the Holy Bible to gearheads who like to perform do-it-yourself car maintenance. As a matter of fact, a couple of Top Gear Philippines staffers own a Haynes repair manual for their respective everyday cars.

The problem with the old-fashioned manual, however, is that you were limited to grainy photographs and you had to flip through pages and pages of car-related stuff to find the one specific section you need to repair your car.

Like newspapers, the paperback Haynes manual may soon be a thing of the past. According to CNet.com, Haynes plans to make its 50 best-selling manuals available by subscription on the Internet.

That means the days of staring at grayscale photos and understanding what's written down on the manual will soon be replaced by video walkthroughs for certain repairs to go with the matching audio instructions.

Now, the only thing we need is a way to protect our laptops, netbooks or tablets from greasy fingerprints.

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