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According to new Honda Cars Philippines president Tatsuya Natsume, the Brio small car that Honda unveiled at the Thailand International Motor Expo late last year, won't be arriving in the Philippines. Not this year or the next, and most likely not ever.

While Honda already made it clear during the Brio's unveiling that this car would be sold primarily in Thailand and India beginning this year, Filipino car enthusiasts were somehow confident that we would eventually get our hands on this mini hatchback. Alas, that wouldn't be the case.

The reason?

"Car-sales numbers in the Philippines are not enough to justify the creation of a left-hand-drive Brio," Natsume-san stated matter-of-factly. Such a pity, since the Brio--measuring all of 3,610mm in length, 1,680mm in width and 1,475mm in height--would be a perfect match for our congested roads.

Boy, it does suck to be in a small car market.

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