Honda Cars Philippines launches 2010 Honda Accord

With an added touch of luxury
Feb 10, 2010
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Car News 2010 Honda Accord Black Leather Seats Interior 

Honda Cars Philippines takes luxury to the next level with the inclusion of black leather seats on the 3.5-liter 2010 Honda Accord.

"The 2010 Honda Accord's interior is delicately crafted with only the finest materials to draw out an air of opulence that matches its bold and sophisticated exterior. The Accord's plush black leather seats provide comforting luxury that is also easy to maintain," Honda said in a statement.

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More than just the touch of luxury, the Honda Accord also boasts of power coming from its i-VTEC (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) engine that produces power of up to 275ps at 6,200rpm.

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The 3.5-liter 2010 Honda Accord also comes with the variable cylinder management system, which adjusts according to one's driving style and requirement--allowing for a more fuel-efficient drive.

"During start-up, acceleration, high-speed driving along North Luzon Expressway or uphill climbing to Baguio City, the engine operates on all six cylinders to unleash the full power potential of the Accord," said Voltaire Gonzales, Honda Cars Philippines vehicle sales and communications head. "For mid-speed driving along Subic or climbing a moderately inclined road, the engine deactivates two cylinders and runs on four cylinders."

Gonzales said fuel economy is at optimum level on moderate speed cruising or downhill driving.

"It is when the engine runs at three-cylinder mode while the other three cylinders are closed down.  It's like having three engines in one with the VCM system," he added.

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The 2010 Honda Accord comes 2.4-liter (P1.68 million) and 3.5-liter variants (P2.03 million). It is available in Alabaster Silver (2.4-liter variant only), Bold Beige (2.4-liter variant only), Polished Metal, Night Hawk Black and Brilliant White Pearl (3.5-liter variant only). Brilliant White Pearl is an exclusive body color for an additional P20,000 on the price tag.

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