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Private transportation accounts for ten percent of one's carbon footprint - or the measurement of the damage one's activities do to the environment.

According to Carbon Footprint Ltd., using biodiesel can drastically reduce one's carbon footprint.

In celebration of the Earth month, Top Gear Philippines (TGP) teamed up with Honda in letting our readers' imagination run wild to save the environment.

Last month, we posed the question, "If you were a fictional (but functional) car part, what would you be and why?"

Out of more than 200 entries, TGP chose the best five answers whose senders each get a Honda EarthDreams jacket.

Here are our top choices:

"I will be a 'Talking Head' because I would like to advise drivers what vehicle parts need repairs or replacements ASAP before their cars suffer from breakdowns which could harm the environment."
- Chris Domagas

"I'd be a garbage-chugging air cleaner... the type you mount on the front bumper so that it can such away all the litter on the road as I pass by. This garbage-chugging air-cleaner is so hi-tech, it disintegrates all the trash for a cleaner environment."
- Peter Lei

"I would be a mind-controlled engine so instead of fuel, it would run purely on mind power. We all know how bad the effects of fuel byproducts are to the environment, so taking the power of our minds to let the next level would truly be a breath of fresh air. It would also show just how powerful thehuman mind and willpower can be. If I were to invent something like this, I would design it in such a way that a drunk mind would not be able to drive ANYTHING, so as to lessen as well. That would be like hitting two birds with one stone!"
- Sophia Aleli A. Beltran

"Regenerative tires! Never will you experience a flat tire in your lifetime nor will you ever change your tires again! Tipid to the max!"
- Jeffrey Siy

"Call me the Fume2Plum Converter. What I do is I convert health-hazard fumes to clean fruit-scented air."
- Leah M. Mamuyac

(Winners of the Honda F1 EarthDreams jacket will be notified via email.)

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