Honda offers first peek at new CR-V Concept

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Jul 26, 2011

Remember the rumor about Honda's plan to launch an all-new CR-V? It's true after all.

Honda has given the world its first glimpse of the new CR-V Concept that hints at the styling direction of the vehicle.

The photo was released along with the announcement that the fourth-generation Honda CR-V will be sold in the United States by the end of 2011 and in Europe in 2012. No mention was made as to when the vehicle will be available in Asia.

2012 Honda CR-V Concept

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Here's what Honda has to say about the new CR-V Concept.

The new CR-V Concept embraces a distinctive and bold styling direction. Compared to the previous generation, the concept model takes on a more aggressive stance with deeper sculpting of the body lines and a bolder front fascia. The lower front bumper wraps smartly upward to convey SUV capability, while the overall lower front bumper design now integrates more smoothly into the fascia for improved aerodynamics.

The CR-V's vertical taillights remain for the next model with a more three-dimensional style that wraps further into the design of the vehicle.

Specs of the fourth-generation were not revealed but Honda said it will be equipped with "more efficient engines compared to the current model" to deliver improved fuel economy.

The public will have its first encounter with the new CR-V Concept when it debuts at the Orange County International Auto Show in California in September.

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