Honda recall update: Your car might not be involved after all

Number of affected cars down to 14,883
Sep 8, 2011

Honda Cars Philippines needs to replace the power-window master switch assembly in only 14,883 units of the Jazz, City and CR-V, and not 19,143 units as it announced on September 5.

In a September 7 statement, Honda said the other 4,620 units, which have a central door lock switch in the power-window master switch assembly, are not involved in the recall as the affected part came from a different supplier.

Included in the recall Philippine Car News - Honda recall update: Your car might not be involved after all

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Not included in the recall Philippine Car News - Honda recall update: Your car might not be involved after all

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"In behalf of HCPI, I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused the owners of mistakenly identified units," said Voltaire Gonzales, vehicle sales and corporate communications head of Honda Cars Philippines.

Honda issued this statement along with its recall announcement early this week:

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"The silicone component commonly found in air fresheners or automotive cleaning agents, etc. enters into the power window master switch.  This accelerates wear in the contact area and over time, wear particles accumulate between the power source and ground of the unit switch.  The resin material of the unit switch is then heated and carbonized.  This may cause smoke and in worst case, partial burning of the window switch cover. To date, no accidents or injuries have been reported related to this defect in the Philippines."

This is the updated list of Jazz, City and CR-V units affected by the recall.

Model Name Disp Trans. Year Model FRAME NUMBER Sub-
Revised Total Revised Grand Total
JAZZ 1.3S CVT 05 MRHGD18405P010181~MRHGD18405P010305            125               2,924  
MRHGD18405P010307~MRHGD18405P010600            294  
06 MRHGD18406P010001~MRHGD18406P010600            600  
07 MRHGD18407P010001~MRHGD18407P010122            122  
MRHGD18407P010124~MRHGD18407P010145               22  
MRHGD18407P010147~MRHGD18407P010148                 2  
MRHGD18407P010150~MRHGD18407P010210               61  
MT 05 MRHGD17405P010031~MRHGD17405P010210            180  
06 MRHGD17406P010001~MRHGD17406P010270            270  
07 MRHGD17407P010001~MRHGD17407P010060               60  
1.5V CVT 05 MRHGD38705P020122~MRHGD38705P020215               94  
MRHGD38705P020217~MRHGD38705P020270               54  
MRHGD38705P020272~MRHGD38705P020361               90  
06 MRHGD38706P020003~MRHGD38706P020071               69  
MRHGD38706P020073~MRHGD38706P020083               11  
MRHGD38706P020085~MRHGD38706P020211            127  
MRHGD38706P020213~MRHGD38706P020241               29  
MRHGD38706P020243~MRHGD38706P020362            120  
07 MRHGD38707P020001~MRHGD38707P020330            330  
MT 05 MRHGD37705P020032~MRHGD37705P020061               30  
MRHGD37705P020063~MRHGD37705P020074               12  
MRHGD37705P020077~MRHGD37705P020091               15  
06 MRHGD37706P020001~MRHGD37706P020009                 9  
MRHGD37706P020011~MRHGD37706P020020               10  
MRHGD37706P020023~MRHGD37706P020150            128  
07 MRHGD37707P020001~MRHGD37707P020060               60  
CITY 1.3A MT 06 PADCD65106V200871~PADCD65106V201290            420    
07 PADCD65107V301291~PADCD65107V301830            540    
08 PADCD65108V401831~PADCD65108V403690         1,860    
1.3S CVT 06 PADCD66306V200601~PADCD66306V202370         1,770    
PADCD66306V900001                 1    
07 PADCD66307V302371~PADCD66307V303420         1,050                    14,883
08 PADCD66308V403421~PADCD66308V405730 2,310    
MT 06 PADCD65206V200451~PADCD65206V201770         1,320    
PADCD66306V900001                 1               9,092  
07 PADCD65207V301771~PADCD65207V302400            630    
08 PADCD65208V402401~PADCD65208V403750 1,350    
1.5A CVT 06 PADCD86706V200361~PADCD86706V201200            840    
07 PADCD86707V301201~PADCD86707V301410            210    
08 PADCD86708V401411~PADCD86708V401920 510    
MT 06 PADCD85506V200091~PADCD85506V200420            330    
07 PADCD85507V300421~PADCD85507V300540            120    
08 PADCD85508V400541~PADCD85508V400630 90    
CR-V 2.0 AT 05 PADRD48705V301471~PADRD48705V301473                 3               2,867  
PADRD48705V301475~PADRD48705V301479                 5  
PADRD48705V301481                 1  
PADRD48705V301484~PADRD48705V301487                 4  
PADRD48705V301489                 1  
PADRD48705V301492~PADRD48705V301493                 2  
PADRD48705V301496                 1  
PADRD48705V301498~PADRD48705V301590               93  
06 PADRD48706V401591~PADRD48706V402340            750  
AT 05 PADRD48505V301261~PADRD48505V301350               90  
06 PADRD48506V401351~PADRD48506V402220            870  
MT 06 PADRD47606V400931~PADRD47606V401260            330  
MT 05 PADRD47405V300631~PADRD47405V300660               30  
06 PADRD47406V400661~PADRD47406V401110            450  
2.4 AT 05 PADRD78505V300361~PADRD78505V300363                 3  
PADRD78505V300366~PADRD78505V300367                 2  
PADRD78505V300371~PADRD78505V300377                 7  
PADRD78505V300379~PADRD78505V300420               42  
06 PADRD78506V400421~PADRD78506V400600            180  
MT 05 PADRD77405V300061                 1  
PADRD77405V300078                 1  
PADRD77405V300081                 1  

Customers of Honda Cars Philippines whose cars are affected by the recall are requested to call their respective dealers or the Honda hotline at 1-800-1000-HONDA (46632) or (02) 857-7240, and visit the company's website at for inquiries and details of scheduling.

Honda said replacement of the affected power-window master switch assembly is free of charge in its 28 authorized dealers and three service centers. The process will take no more than 30 minutes.

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The Japanese carmaker also clarified that the current issue regarding the Jazz and City’s power-window master switch is different from the one that prompted another global recall in February 2010.

"Although both cases involved a faulty window switch, last year's global recall is different from the current recall," Gonzales said. "Affected units of previous recall may experience short circuit due to water entering into the switch. Such case did not include units sold in the Philippines."

The Honda executive added that the power switch of the affected units in the current recall "has a structure that hardly allows liquid entry” and that its electrical circuit is different.

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