Honda runs the next-generation NSX on the track

But only virtually, though
Jan 13, 2012
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The next-generation Honda (or Acura, as it is sold in the United States) NSX may have just bowed at the ongoing North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan but the Japanese carmaker is already showing off what it can do on track.

There is a catch, though; both the NSX and the track are virtually rendered on the Gran Turismo 5 racing simulation game.

The video clip starts with the first-generation NSX taking to the track before we're given some sweeping, detailed views of the next-generation car. We're also given a glimpse of just how exactly the car's all-new hybrid all-wheel-drive system works.

From what we've seen, it seems the lithium-ion battery powers the front wheels through the electric motor while the rear wheels are propelled by the mid-mounted next-generation VTEC direct-injection V6 engine. When taking a corner, the inside front wheel generates negative torque, resulting not only in recovered energy that's stored in the battery but also improving the car's handling performance "that can't be matched by previous AWD systems."

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We only wish the real car will sound better than the one in the video but since Honda it'll take three years before it rolls out a production version of the next-generation NSX, we'll save our judgement until then.

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Polyphony Digital, maker of the Gran Turismo franchise, did not say if and when the next-generation NSX wil be included in the game's future updates.

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