How did Honda PH come up with the pricing for CR-Z?

Could it go lower in the future?
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 26, 2013


When Honda Cars Philippines announced that it is now officially selling the CR-Z hybrid sport coupe, the general response to the news extolled the company for its consumer-friendly pricing of the model\'s six variants.

With the base CR-Z variants priced from P1.4 to P1.5 million depending on the choice of transmission, we couldn\'t help but compare it to the lowest-spec\'d variant of its competitor, which retails at roughly the same price point.

How then was HCPI able to price the CR-Z so affordably and yet provide for a more exciting--perhaps even more luxurious--ownership experience than what the staid and bland competitor is offering? Is HCPI taking in a less-than-usual profit margin for the CR-Z just to be able to sell more units?

According to the carmaker, one major contributing factor to the CR-Z\'s relatively affordable pricing is the Japanese yen\'s depreciation by more than 20% in the foreign exchange market in the last few months.

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HCPI added that it has set the announced pricing for the car so that it \"can provide the joy of driving the CR-Z to many Honda fans and sports car lovers in the country.\"

We also asked HCPI how the CR-Z\'s current pricing would be affected by the tax and duty breaks promised by the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Act if ever it is passed into law.

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\"Import duty, excise tax and VAT are included in the suggested retail sales price,\" HCPI told \"Depending on the incentives to be given by the government, the price of CR-Z may be adjusted accordingly.\"

It\'s a tough choice then for interested buyers as to when to buy a CR-Z: right now since it\'s already on sale, or later when the hybrid incentives bill has been passed into law?

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