Hybrid alert: Two new green machines from Lexus

For earth-friendly (and wealthy) motorists
Oct 18, 2010

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Lexus LS600hL and Lexus RX450h

Can you be an environment-friendly motorist while getting a relaxing massage? Lexus says yes--if you have about P10 million.

Lexus Manila is set to launch two new hybrid vehicles in the country--including the four-seater LS600hL, which has a full entertainment system and a shiatsu massager to boot.

The LS600hL is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine, two electric motors and a large-capacity battery pack.

"The hybrid powertrain generates a peak combined output rating of 438hp and can effortlessly accelerate the LS600hL from zero to 60mph (96.6kph) in just 5.5 seconds," Toyota said. Lexus is the Toyota Group's luxury brand.

Lexus Manila president Daniel Isla said the LS600hL will cost about P9.9 million for all the goodies it packs. A five-seater varian, which comes with less features, will also be introduced at P8.9 million.

Aside from the LS600hL model, the RX450h is also making its way to Manila this month. At P4.8 million, the RX450h comes with a 3.50liter V6 engine with electric motors. It also has "a small and light power-control unit and other fuel-saving innovations."

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Is this your kind of ride? Watch for more details after the vehicles' launch on October 21. In the meantime, why not click here to check out the existing lineup of Lexus in the Philippines?

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