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Are you a Vespa owner? Or just a Vespa fan perhaps? Tonight (September 7), at 7pm, the Vespa Club of the Philippines is holding its Grand Eyeball at Polari Comedy Club on Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Members of the club get to enter for free, while non-members just have to pay P200 for the entrance fee.

Aside from the chance to hang out with fellow Vespa enthusiasts, those who will attend the event can look forward to other fun stuff. Members will receive a free Vespa club badge and club shirt. They are also eligible to buy an exclusive club vest for P1,000. A limited-issue event shirt will also be for sale for P350.

The best part is this (at least if you're a Vespa fan): 30 units of the Vespa PX150 will be sold at a hugely discounted price of P149,000. Granstar Motors, the distributor of Vespa scooters in the Philippines, currently retails the PX150 for P199,000.

The club also promises free 3M loot bags for the first 100 guests. And raffle prizes are expected to make your attendance worth it.

If you own a Vespa or dream of owning one, and want a group to associate with, motor to Vespa Club of the Philippines' Grand Eyeball tonight. Just don't drink and ride.


Vespa Club of the Philippines

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