Answers to questions about the Top Gear PH shirt for Yolanda victims

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Nov 15, 2013


The response to our announcement that we are selling a limited-edition shirt and donating the proceeds to Yolanda victims has been overwhelming. The screenshot below shows the long list of orders placed within hours of our post. As expected, questions were asked regarding this project, and we wish to answer every single one of them:

1. How much is this shirt?

It\'s P1,000 apiece, regardless of the size. The money generated--after production costs are deducted--will be donated to the calamity victims. It is expensive because this is for a cause. We\'re not doing this so that we can all have a fancy Top Gear shirt; we\'re doing this to raise money for our hapless countrymen.

Also, this shirt, designed by team art director Jaykee Evangelista, is expensive because we want to have it produced with high quality. We don\'t want to sell you a tee that will fade or come apart at the seams after you\'ve worn it a few times. We want you to have a shirt you will be proud to wear anywhere, not only because you\'ve done something good with it but also because it really looks and feels good.

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2. How exactly do you plan on turning over the money to the typhoon victims?

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We intend to turn over the money to a trusted social-service institution. Right now, we\'re leaning toward Philippine Red Cross.

3. How do we know for sure that every peso of the amount raised will go to the intended beneficiaries?

First, we will declare who the shirt supplier/printer is, complete with contact details. We will also publish the production cost on a per-shirt basis. Anyone may then verify with the supplier if the published production cost is correct.

Second, we will publish the names of every single shirt buyer, including the quantity of his/her order. If you buy a shirt and you don\'t see your name on the list (or if the posted order quantity is wrong), you have every right to file a complaint.

You can then compute the exact total amount to be donated. And then we will have the actual donation documented for the sake of transparency.

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4. Who will handle the money before it is turned over to the social-service institution?

We have been instructed to ask our accounting department to set up a system for this. We will announce the procedure for payment once it is finalized. Everything will be properly documented. No member of the Top Gear Philippines staff will have access to the funds.

5. How do I place an order?

If you wish to place an order for this shirt, kindly e-mail your full name, complete address, mobile number and shirt size to Please use the subject head \"TOP GEAR PH SHIRT FOR YOLANDA VICTIMS.\"

Rest assured that once you have e-mailed us your order, you are already on the production list. We will not be able to reply immediately to your e-mail, but we guarantee you that your order will be filed.

Note that e-mailing us at the above-mentioned address is the only way to place an order for the shirt. Do not order via Facebook, Twitter or SMS to a Top Gear Philippines staff member--it will not be honored.

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We will take orders possibly until the end of the month, November 30.

6. How do we get the shirt?

If you live within Metro Manila, our advice is for you to pick up the shirt at our (Summit Media) office on Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. If you live outside Metro Manila, we will most likely have the shirt(s) couriered but you will have to shoulder the courier fee.

7. Can I order the shirt if I\'m based abroad?

We\'ve surprisingly received so many orders and inquiries from our kababayans who live overseas but want to participate in this relief project. Our answer for now is that we\'re doing our best to make this possible. We will ask our accounting department to include this concern, and we will also look for an easy way to send the shirts across the sea. We will make an announcement--or reply to those who have already e-mailed us--as soon as we finalize things.

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8. What are the sizes available?

Initially, we wanted to do just small, medium and large--regular fit and Asian sizing. But then we\'ve gotten so many orders for XL and even XXL. Thus, we will discuss this with our supplier once we\'ve appointed one (we already have a few candidates, by the way). We don\'t see any reason why we can\'t produce the shirt in bigger sizes.

9. Is black the only color available?

Again, initially, that was the plan. But then we\'ve had requests for other colors. Right now, we want to add gray. The graphic design might not mix well with other colors.

10. Is the graphic design final? Can\'t you add my favorite car brand that\'s missing there?

As you read this, the graphic design looks to be almost certainly final--unless you\'ve spotted a misspelled brand somewhere. The list of car brands included in the design is based on the carmakers formally represented in our automotive market today (with the exception of Bentley and Rolls-Royce, just because they\'re fairly marginal, and most Chinese brands, just because we don\'t really know anyone from them). The car brands are arranged alphabetically, rendered in the same font and size.

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PS: The number of people who have placed their orders at the time of this writing totals 120 already, many of them ordering two, three, sometimes even five shirts. This is so much more than we expected. Thank you all for your generosity.



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