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Caltex has been setting aside a peso for every 4L of fuel in aid of public schools

Will do so until July 15

Employees from a Fuel Your School gas station

Unbeknown to many motorists, Chevron Philippines--more popularly known by their fuel brand Caltex--has been donating P1 for every four liters' worth of fuel to the 33 highest-need public high schools since June 15, and will continue to do so until July 15. This is part of the company's "Fuel Your School" program.

The proceeds from the program will go toward funding classroom projects requested by teachers from participating schools. Teachers submitted their funding requests through Caltex's Fuel Your School website. Many of the requests were for common classroom equipment such as multimedia projectors, laptops, and laboratory sets among others. The program is aiming for a goal of P150,000 per school, in hopes the money will help develop science, technology, engineering and math projects.

Fuel Your School is part of the Caltex for Learning Initiative, which aims to assist educational programs in enabling individuals through knowledge and new skillsets. This program is in coordination with the Department of Education and the American Chamber Foundation Philippines.

Participating schools and Caltex gas stations can be found on an interactive map on the Fuel Your School website. A total of 153 Caltex stations are taking part in the program. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to fuel up to help: Simply spreading the word through social media is help enough. The program is also taking place in Malaysia, the United States and Canada.

We know you probably have a preferred fuel brand (if it isn't Caltex, that is), but if you can just load up with Caltex in the next five days just to contribute to this worthy cause, we encourage you to do so.


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