EU Parliament now wants sound-generating devices for hybrids, EVs

But what sound would fit such vehicles?
Apr 8, 2014 Philippine Car News - EU Parliament wants hybrids, EVs to be equipped with sound-generating devices

The European Parliament has ruled that hybrid-electric and electric vehicles must be fitted with sound-generating devices to make them safer for pedestrians and visually impaired people.

Citing the nearly silent drive systems of electric cars and hybrids, the European Parliament wants what it calls "acoustic vehicle alerting systems" to be installed on such vehicles, and it wants this to be mandatory "after a transitional period of five years."

According to the organization, the use of adequate sound-generating devices will not only increase road safety and help avoid road-accident injuries, but also lead to "a harmonization of the applied technology."

Now, what kind of sound do you suppose would best represent a hybrid or an electric-powered vehicle?

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