Report: Ford wants to remove new-car smell for Chinese market

Some customers don't like it
by Jason Tulio | Nov 22, 2018

Do you love the fresh, distinct smell of a brand-new car? Well, it turns out not everyone shares that joy. A report by Quartz explains that Ford has actually worked on a method to get rid of it.

As the story goes, a survey by J.D. Power found that more than 10% of drivers in China find the new-car smell bothersome. In fact, many Chinese car buyers find the smell more worrisome than bad fuel economy or wind noise, as they believe the smell poses a health risk.

According to the patent application filed by Ford, the new-car smell is the result of the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds by materials like the plastics, leather, and vinyl inside the car. Adhesives, glass cleaners, and sealants used in the manufacturing process, Ford says, also contribute to the scent.

So, what’s Ford’s solution? A‘baking’ process, wherein the car would be left in the sun with a window open, and with either the heater and fan on blast or the engine running. Sensors would then detect if the sunlight and the ambient temperature are enough to trigger the off-gassing process.

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Still, Ford doesn’t have any concrete plans yet of implementing this, and considers it just one of many possible solutions. Tell us, do you wish carmakers would get rid of the new-car smell? Sound off below.

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