Honda warns public against fake motorcycles and parts

For safety reasons
Oct 31, 2013


Fake motorcycles are becoming so rampant in the local marketplace that legitimate manufacturers have taken notice and discovered that these not only defraud customers but are also a threat to public safety.

According to an executive of Honda Philippines who requested anonymity, after his company disassembled a counterfeit motorcycle and its parts, they discovered that the innards of the two-wheeled vehicle \"were very rusty and the bolts were not firmly tightened so they tended to disengage easily.\"

Honda Philippines also noted that fake motorcycles use parts that are merely copied from the Japanese company\'s motorcycles, which can be risky to riders.

\"Since copy parts don\'t usually pass compatibility tests, there is a high probability that they won\'t work well with the bodies or engines of certain motorcycle brands,\" said the Honda Philippines executive. \"Makers of copycat motorcycles don\'t have their own research-and-development facility; they just import motorcycle parts and units from China then sell them here, so you can say they lack quality- and safety-control measures. This is a serious issue since these incompatibilities often result in motorcycles with inferior body structure and vibration.\"

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To be able to identify a genuine motorcycle from a fake one, the Honda Philippines executive advised that buyers test-drive it first before getting it.

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\"By simply riding and test-driving the motorcycle, you will be able to immediately feel and experience the difference,\" the Honda Philippines executive added. \"When riding a copycat motorcycle at high speeds, you will already feel something abnormal, like unusual vibrations. You won\'t experience any of this when riding a Honda genuine motorcycle.\"

So, what do you think: truth or propaganda?



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