How automotive companies are adjusting in the digital world

It has changed car shopping, too
by Tracy Carpena | Aug 7, 2016

If you were sold a lemon vehicle a decade ago, how would you report the situation to the automotive company? If you were interested in a new car model 10 years ago, was a visit to a dealership the first step you'd take?

Car shopping and marketing automotive products have changed in the past years, thanks to the evolution of digital marketing. At the Digital Summit Storytelling conference hosted by Summit Media (publisher of numerous magazines and websites including, we spotted a few automotive company representatives keen on riding the digital tide.

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"For the longest time, the automotive industry has been using tri-media: radio, TV and print," says Toyota Motor Philippines' Jigo Vidanes, who is with the marketing services department. "With the boom of digital, everyone is connected at any given time. If someone wants to search for a specific car they like, it's easy to search online and information is readily available."

Jigo shares that the growth of digital has helped the automotive industry in terms of its sales. "Marketing professionals now find it easy to talk to people. Also, when consumers want to buy a car, they can just search for details online through legitimate sources, without having to visit the dealership as the first step."

Bridgestone Philippines' VP of marketing Leslie Dinglasan, on the other hand, identifies research data presented at the conference very helpful. "Not all companies have access to that," she points out. "Digital is viewable and easily consumed. As advertisers, we're looking for partners that will help us evolve and be agile in terms of changing strategies for this platform."

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Indeed, automotive companies are shifting modes when it comes to marketing their products and services. This is an important step if they want to attract the next generation of customers. 


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