Mazda 3 fleet completes Eurasian road trip in time for Frankfurt show

From Japan to Germany in one month
Sep 9, 2013


A month ago, a fleet of all-new Mazda 3 hatchbacks set off on an intercontinental road trip from Japan to Germany via Russia and Eastern Europe. Well, Mazda has just announced that six of the eight cars have crossed the finish line at Mazda\'s research and development center in Oberursel near Frankfurt, just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

According to the carmaker, other than the usual troubles one encounters on a long road trip like flat tires, hidden potholes, overturned trucks and road works, the only hindrance to the over 15,000km journey was \"bureaucracy at the Belarusian border,\" which delayed two of the eight Mazda 3s.

\"What an adventure,\" said trip organizer Sascha Postner who accompanied the tour from Vladivostok to Frankfurt. \"If I had to single out the one aspect that was most impressive, I\'d say the interaction--with the people along the way, with the Mazda Route 3 participants, with the support team, and of course with the cars. The new Mazda 3s were such a joy to drive and at the same time so tough and so reliable. They took everything Eurasia had to offer.\"

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As for the cars, four of the Mazda 3s will go on display at the motor show--one at Mazda\'s stand and three at an outdoor area of the exhibition grounds dedicated to the tour.

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