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Michelin develops new tire for Porsche Carrera GT

Despite the car already being out of production


The Porsche Carrera GT has been officially out of production in the last seven years, but that hasn\'t stopped Michelin from producing tires for the German supercar, with the new Pilot Super Sport tire being designed to replace the car\'s current Pilot Sport PS2 tire.

According to the French tiremaker, the Pilot Super Sport tire brings together 10 years\' worth of data on tire development to give drivers of the Carrera GT \"noticeably improved handling, even faster lap times and a more harmonious driving experience overall.\"

Michelin claims that the Pilot Super Sport enhances the stability of the Carrera GT even when it\'s traveling at its 330kph top speed, and that the car\'s high lateral-acceleration speed has also been substantially improved. Apparently, what makes this possible is the new structure of the tire since the tread compound makes use of \"dual-compound\" technology. With different rubber compounds being used for the inside and the outside of the tread, the technology supposedly offers \"maximum grip on bends and highly precise steering behavior.\"


In addition, the Pilot Super Sport\'s belt is reportedly made from an especially durable mix of aramid fibers, \"which are five times lighter than steel but deliver the same tensile strength.\" Also, the variable contact area of the tire distributes the pressure evenly across it, so as much of the tread as possible is always in contact with the road surface under any driving conditions.

Besides the optimized performance criteria, the Pilot Super Sport tire also increases the Carrera GT\'s mileage. Compared to the Pilot Sport PS2, the Pilot Super Sport\'s mileage is up by 10% on normal roads and as much as 20% on racetracks.

The new Carrera GT tires are now available in 265/35 ZR19 and 335/30 ZR20. You know, just in case you have the car.

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