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Mini Plant Oxford Experience

British United Automobiles, the exclusive distributor of Mini in the Philippines, announced today its new sales promo called "The Mini Plant Oxford Experience," which will run from July 1 to August 31. The promo offers an Oxford plant tour incentive to anyone who will buy (or refer customers who will buy) any variant of the Mini 3-Door5-Door or Countryman.

How does the promo work exactly? Quite simple.

If you purchase a unit of the 3-Door, 5-Door or Countryman within the promo period, you get an Oxford Plant tour package for one person, and this includes a round-trip plane ticket to the UK, hotel accommodations (three days and two nights), and the Mini plant tour.

Now, the promo is also open to anyone who can refer buyers of the aforementioned models. Of course, the referrals need to be successful ones--meaning the prospects you are referring to the Mini distributor will actually buy a unit. What do you get if you're able to pass along a buyer?

* If you refer three (3) buyers, you get hotel accommodations and the Mini plant tour;

* If you refer four (4) buyers, you get a round-trip ticket and the Mini plant tour; and

* If you refer five (5) buyers, you get the whole package (just like you bought a unit yourself)--round-trip ticket, hotel accommodations and Mini plant tour.

If you refer buyers but do not want the Mini plant tour, you can get the cash equivalent of P25,000, but that's only for a minimum of five successful referrals.

Okay. Time to ask around and see who among your friends and relatives are seriously considering getting a Mini.


Mini Plant Oxford Experience

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