Motoring journalists select best-looking vehicles in PH market

For Auto Focus Media\'s Choice Awards
Nov 9, 2013


Last October 19, a select group of local motoring journalists cast their votes for the Auto Focus Media\'s Choice Awards, the fourth-estate counterpart of the annual People\'s Choice Awards. We were made to pick our choices in the various car categories for four main awards: Best Design, Best Engine Performance, Best Safety Features and Best Value for Money.

We\'ll skip the results for the awards that basically require a voter to more or less have an intimate knowledge of the nominees. The award we want to discuss here is the one that extols exterior styling. For this citation, one doesn\'t really need to be technically familiar with a car; a 20-second gaze at a car photo should suffice. Which means anyone can participate in the debate, even without actually seeing the cars in the metal.

Note that the nominees are current models available in our market this year. Also, note that the media voters were not responsible for the categorization. We say this because there are some vehicles which we feel were assigned to the wrong categories (in terms of body size, mostly). The organizers were the ones who came up with the categories as well as arranged the nominees under them.

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Here then are the Best Design winners in this year\'s Auto Focus Media\'s Choice Awards, as voted by several Top Gear Philippines staffers (editor-in-chief Vernon B. Sarne, associate editor Paulo Subido, and columnists Brian Afuang and Al Mendoza) and a few of our colleagues. See if you agree. Violent objections are welcome.


 Subcompact Car: Toyota Vios

Luxury Subcompact Car: Volvo V40

Compact Car: Ford Focus

Luxury Compact Car: Lexus IS350

Midsize Car: Mazda 6

Luxury Large Car: BMW 7-Series

Sports Car: Toyota 86

MPV: Kia Carens

Pickup: Ford Ranger

Van: Kia Carnival

Luxury Van: Toyota Alphard

Compact SUV: Kia Sportage

Midsize SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe

Luxury Midsize SUV: Volvo XC90

Large SUV: Ford Explorer

Open Category: Subaru XV

NOTE: We don\'t know why there are no winners (based on the list given to us) in the luxury midsize sedan, luxury sports car, luxury compact SUV, luxury large SUV and luxury open categories. We remember voting in these categories.

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