Peugeot PH distributor could also bring in Citroen

We\'re now dreaming of the DS3 Cabrio
by Vernon B. Sarne | Dec 24, 2013


When our consumer editor, Botchi Santos, recently visited the main office of Peugeot\'s Philippine importer and seller, Eurobrands Distributor Inc., the company\'s president, Felix Mabilog Jr., told him that EDI might bring in \"another European brand.\" The executive, however, refused to reveal the identity of said brand.

We\'re betting that brand is none other than Citroen, which is Peugeot\'s sister (and fellow French) brand owned by the Paris-based PSA Peugeot Citroen. Earlier this year, we traveled to Nice, France, to test-drive the Peugeot 208 GTi. On this trip, EDI marketing and communications director Dong Magsajo casually mentioned to us that his company was seriously considering launching Citroen in the Philippine market.

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\"That\'s why our company is called Eurobrands--plural, not singular,\" Magsajo pointed out then.

Magsajo requested us not to write the story then as things were far from being finalized at the time. We choose to report it now because we believe this is pushing through, given what EDI\'s big boss very recently shared with our consumer editor.

If EDI can make this happen, we say its two-brand setup will be a win-win situation considering that both brands are owned by the same company. We\'re now seeing the challenges that arise from two affiliate brands being sold by two different distributors (Hyundai and Kia).

And since we\'re on the topic, may we be the first to say on record that the Citroen DS3 Cabrio would be an awesome car to drive on our roads? We leave you with this photo of the car. Happy Christmas, guys!


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