Seaoil now carries Euro 4 gasoline, Euro 5 diesel fuels

Following Unioil\'s lead
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Oct 24, 2013


Seaoil, the Philippines\' largest independent petroleum company, is now carrying Euro 4 and Euro 5 fuels, making it one of the few local oil companies that have adapted to the emission standard that is scheduled to be implemented by the country in 2016.

This was revealed by Seaoil Philippines president and chief executive Francis Glenn Yu at today\'s launch ceremony of the petroleum company\'s partnership with the STP brand of fuel additives.

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\"All our fuels are either Euro 4 or Euro 5,\" said Yu when asked if Seaoil carries Euro 2 fuels. \"The Philippines is only Euro 2 because that\'s the minimum or base fuel quality required by our country.\"

We asked the petroleum company\'s marketing director, Art Cruz, what the Euro 4 and 5 products are, and we were told that Seaoil\'s gasoline products--Extreme 97, Extreme 5 and Extreme U--are now all of Euro 4 quality, while the company\'s Exceed diesel is Euro 5.

Let\'s hope more oil companies follow Unioil and Seaoil\'s lead in going all Euro 4 across all their products without having to be told by the government.

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