So this is the boy who won the brand-new Volkswagen Beetle

What a lucky kid
Nov 14, 2013


During the grand brand launch of Volkswagen Philippines (aka Automobile Central Enterprise) in late September, the company raffled off a brand-new Beetle to help trumpet the occasion. The winner, as we reported here a few days after, was a seven-year-old boy named Cherub Nikolai Bedano. However, when we made the announcement at the time, no photo of the kid was available as he was absent when ACE president John Philip Orbeta drew his name at the Greenbelt complex in Makati City.

Thanks to this latest photo post by ACE on its Facebook page, we now know what Nikolai looks like. \"This little boy has every reason in the world to love the Volkswagen Beetle,\" the caption says. \"People, meet the winner of the 21st-century Volkswagen Beetle.\"

We\'re green with envy. Congratulations, Nikolai! We hope this car will still be around when you\'re old enough to drive it.

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