Status of Top Gear PH shirt for the benefit of Yolanda victims

Read this if you ordered and paid
Jan 7, 2014


Last November 14, we announced this specially designed Top Gear Philippines shirt for the benefit of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. We priced the shirt at P1,000 apiece, with all the proceeds (minus the production costs) going to our hapless countrymen. We then posted instructions for those who wanted to purchase the shirt, after which we received hundreds of orders.

On November 23, overwhelmed by the number of orders that flooded our electronic mailbox, we announced that we were officially closing the ordering period. Shortly after this, we sent out payment instructions to those who had placed their orders. The idea was that we would only produce an exact number of shirts based on the paid orders--nothing more, nothing less. After all, we can\'t afford to deal with excess pieces as we don\'t have an operating budget for this--this is just a side project we thought of doing for the survivors of the typhoon.

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We wanted to finish the production of the shirts as soon as we could, not only because we wanted to cross out this project on our things-to-do list (so we could concentrate on our real jobs) but also because we couldn\'t wait to see the shirt being worn by our readers across the country.

Alas, we encountered an issue that has caused significant delay in the shirt production.

You see, Summit Media only uses accredited suppliers for the purposes of transparency. This wouldn\'t have been a problem were it not for the fact that our accredited shirt supplier didn\'t have the material we (Top Gear Philippines team) wanted. We were looking for a certain soft-cotton material which we felt had a premium look and feel that would at least justify the P1,000 price. We also wanted the shirt to last for years.

To cut the story short, we found one supplier that had the material we wanted, but couldn\'t get them without proper accreditation from our management. In other words, we had to go through the usual process of having a supplier approved before we could do business with the company. Add to the equation the long holiday break and the waiting time got extended even further.

Bottom line, we apologize to all those who have sent payment for their orders, for this delay. This is something we weren\'t able to foresee as we\'ve never really done this before. Trust that we are working overtime to finish the shirts as swiftly as we can so we can all wear them and so we may already turn over the proceeds to Philippine Red Cross. Trust also that your money is perfectly safe in a bank account which our accounting department assigned to this project. No one--not the Top Gear Philippines staff, not our accounting officers--is touching a peso in that account. We will publish the final amount once we\'re done sorting the receipts sent to us.

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Again, our sincere apologies for the delay of the shirts. We will start production as soon as we get the go signal from the bosses. Big thanks to all those who ordered.

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