Everything you need to know about Subaru’s valve-spring recall

A heads-up to Subie owners out there
by Drei Laurel | Nov 13, 2018
PHOTO: Subaru

Earlier this month, Subaru issued a global recall for cars built between January 16, 2012, and May, 14 2013. The culprit, according to the Japanese car manufacturer, is potentially faulty valve springs in models like the Forester, the XV, the Legacy, the Outback, and the Impreza.

Now, Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP)—Subaru’s official Philippine distributor—is shedding more light on the matter. The company recently released an FAQ, hoping to answer any questions owners may have regarding the recall. Check them out below:

1) What is the recall about?

Like Subaru said, the recall is aimed at replacing potentially fault engine valve springs. Affected valve springs may fracture under stress. According to the company, a broken valve spring in a vehicle will cause unusual noises, stalling, and an inability to start again.

2) Will my vehicle experience valve-spring failure?

“As advised by Subaru Corporation, we need to do a recall to ascertain that all affected vehicles are checked.  Please contact your servicing dealer and provide your vehicle identification number (VIN) and they will check if your vehicle model is affected by this recall.”

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3) How do I check my VIN?

You will see your VIN at any of the following locations: the front shock absorber top mounting inside the engine compartment, below the right front floor carpet, on the B-pillar, on the left side of the front windshield, or on your vehicle sales invoice and certificate of registration.

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4) Do I need to wait for a notification letter from Subaru before bringing my affected car in?

“Yes, our Customer Service Department will be reaching out to owners of the vehicles affected by the recall.

“Should your Subaru Vehicle be a pre-owned one, we also recommend contacting any of the MIP CS hotline numbers at 882-9788 local 102, (0925) 711-8475, or (0917) 851-4095.”

5) When will MIP start recalling affected units?

MIP says it is still currently coordinating with Subaru Corporation regarding the arrival of parts: “Once this is clear, we will start to inform customers about when they can bring in their vehicles.”

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6) Does servicing require a full engine pull-out?

The company isn’t sure yet. It says it will send an update to customers as soon as it has more information.

7) Do I have to pay for anything if my car is affected?

No. The service is completely free of charge, the company says.

8) How long will servicing take?

“We are unable at this point to confirm how long it will take to conduct the rectification work as we have to assess every customer’s car and will update each customer accordingly.”

9) Will this process be warrantied?

Yes. It will come with a one-year or 20,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

10) If my affected Subaru is modified, do I still need to take part in the recall?

“Yes, for all affected recall vehicles, we have to perform the recall work as per Subaru Corporation’s Job Description. However, we cannot be responsible for any malfunction caused by the incompatibility of the original Subaru parts with non-standard parts which may have been part of any modification work. Any malfunction or performance issues which arise after the recall campaign shall be the responsibility of the customers who have modified their vehicles.  Alternatively, owners of modified vehicles can revert their vehicles to original factory specification before sending them in for the recall work.

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“For the customers who will not allow us to do the recall campaign because they have replaced their valve springs with aftermarket parts, Motor Image will be requesting them to sign an indemnity form.”

Important things to remember? Servicing will be free of charge, the process will come with a warranty, and even modified units are encouraged to take part. If your unit is affected, wait for word from Subaru on when you can bring it in.

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PHOTO: Subaru
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