Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Toyota Motor Philippines to bring in FJ Cruiser by October

As you already know, Toyota Motor Philippines is currently holding "The World of Toyota Motor Show" at the World Trade Center in Pasay City until August 18, with over 30 vehicles of various generations on display.

Besides featuring classic cars and concept vehicles, one section of the venue's 8,000sqm floor space is occupied by TMP's complete and current product lineup. Prominently standing out in that area is an FJ Cruiser, and for a very good reason: The Japanese carmaker is finally bringing in the popular SUV by October this year. This brings to reality what we first reported here in November last year.

That's right, interested buyers of the FJ Cruiser no longer need to turn to gray-market importers to own one now that TMP is officially bringing the retro-styled SUV into the country.

Although no price has been set yet, a source from TMP told that customers can now make inquiries at their local Toyota dealers so that they'll be the first to know once the carmaker has finalized the pricing.

So, how much are you willing to pay for the FJ Cruiser? Trust us, Toyota is reading this space.

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