Video: Volvo Trucks president risks life to promote new product

You have to see it to believe it
Sep 4, 2013


The phrase \"put your money where your mouth is\" means that if you believe in something, then you\'re willing to bet on it. For Volvo Trucks president Claes Nilsson, that meant risking his life to promote his company\'s latest product.

To showcase how robust the new Volvo FMX truck is, the vehicle was hoisted more than 70ft in the air and above the water of the Gothenburg harbor in Sweden. That, however, was just one part of the stunt.

The most essential part was to have Nilsson deliver his monologue on how strong the cast-iron tow hook of the FMX truck is by standing on its front panel, with only the hook and the cable of the crane preventing him--and the FMX truck--from falling into the sea.

\"The idea behind the film--called The Hook--is that we wanted to show that the truck\'s front towing hook is dimensioned to handle far greater stresses than those to which it is normally subjected,\" said Nilsson. \"It\'s all about spotlighting the strength and quality of our construction trucks. And you can\'t do that more clearly than by hoisting the 15-ton truck up into the air via its own towing hook.\"

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