We want 15 readers (with one companion each) to attend our party

Find out how you can score exclusive, limited invites
Oct 16, 2013


On October 21, Monday, Top Gear Philippines is celebrating its 9th anniversary at Privé Luxury Club in Bonifacio Global City. Now, as much as we would like to invite everyone, we simply can\'t make it happen due to space limitations. But we still would like to share this special occasion with 15 of our readers--plus one companion each--who shall be given the super exclusive invites if they can guarantee two simple conditions:

* First, that they promise to show up no matter what. In other words, please signify an interest to attend only if you are 100% sure that you\'ll be able to make it on the said date; and

* Second, that they can commit to the two-part program: a meet-and-greet with the editorial staff at 4pm at Aracama restaurant (near Privé), and the main party at Privé afterward.

Only those who can attend the meet-and-greet--which, by the way, is sponsored by Shell Philippines--are encouraged to apply for the exclusive invites. Those who will miss this activity will forfeit their invitation to the main party in the evening.

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What\'s in store for the 15 readers (and one companion each) who will get the invites?

1. As mentioned, they get to bring one companion each--spouse, sibling, officemate, friend, client, whoever--to party the night away not only with Top Gear Philippines but also with the auto industry;

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2. They get to hang out and mingle with the magazine\'s editors and writers, including consumer editor Botchi Santos, associate editor Paulo Subido and managing editors Stephanie Asi and Tracy Carpena;

3. They get to bring home special loot bags from Shell Philippines;

4. They get to see up close some of the most special automobiles (read: supercars) available in the market today; and

5. They get to party with the car industry\'s executives and the motorsport community\'s leading figures.

In other words, 15 readers (and 15 companions) will have a grand time. This we promise.

Now, how do you score these limited invites to the party? Simple: Just e-mail to topgear@summitmedia.com.ph your request to join in the night of fun, and we will let you know by Friday, October 18, if you made the cut. No purchases necessary...no tricky questions to be answered...no arguments to be made. Just e-mail us and tell us you really want to attend our party. It will be up to us to determine how serious you really are.

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Shoot us the e-mail now. We hope to see you on Monday.

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