Is Volkswagen officially arriving soon?

Rumor has it you will soon be able to buy a Golf
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 22, 2010

\" little bird has passed on some juicy bit of information, although we admit we have not formally confirmed this. Remember our recent piece on the PGA Cars Center being constructed at the Bonifacio High Street complex inside The Fort Global City in Taguig? Well, our informant tells us that the edifice in question isn\'t actually going to house a new showroom for either Audi or Porsche. Our mole claims the building being put up is meant to serve as a showroom for another German brand, which is none other than Volkswagen.

Apparently, PGA Cars has managed to also wrest away Volkswagen\'s distributorship license from the dormant Auto Prominence group. You will recall that PGA Cars successfully poached the Audi brand from Auto Prominence in 2005, resulting in some legal wrangling between the two companies. And now, according to our source, PGA Cars is adding Volkswagen to its fine collection of German car brands.

This rumor has been circulating for months, but we\'ve had no way of confirming this. Knowing the bosses of PGA Cars, they usually don\'t talk to the press unless they need us to write stories about a new product or showroom. So again, we want to be responsible hacks by declaring that this story is nothing more than unconfirmed industry gossip. Maybe it\'s also just wishful thinking on our part. After all, who doesn\'t want the GTI, the Jetta and the Passat to be officially sold here? Now, if any one of you knows anything more substantial and concrete, feel free to share it with us through the comment box below.

Come to think of it, that \"W\" emblem gracing the façade of the building--as shown in graphic renderings at the construction site--looks suspiciously suggestive of \"VW\". Hmmm...

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