Lamborghini releases third teaser photo

Can you guess what this is?
Sep 22, 2010
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Lamborghini releases third teaser photo

Lamborghini has released the third teaser image of the car it will unveil at the Paris Motor Show. As in the first two images, extensive use of carbon fiber is evident.

The image appears to be the top of the dashboard since what looks like a red steering wheel and an instrument cowl can be seen in the background. What looks like a series of vents line up the entire length of the dashboard.

The mystery continues and we can only hope the next three teaser photos will help shed some light on just what car Lamborghini plans to show off in Paris next month. The clock is ticking…

See if you can piece the car parts together when you visit these links:

Lamborghini releases first teaser image of Murcielago successor
Lamborghini reveals second teaser photo of Murcielago replacement

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