Lexus Manila launches certified pre-owned vehicles program

The easier, more affordable way to own a Lexus
Jul 26, 2012

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Lexus Manila is following Toyota Motor Philippines' lead. After the mass-market Japanese car manufacturer introduced the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (TCPOV) program to the country last April, its luxury-brand distributor has now launched the Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (LCPOV) program.

Before Lexus Manila bestows the "Lexus Certified" tag on a pre-owned unit, it must first go through a rigorous evaluation process, with highly trained and authorized assessors giving the car a 203-point inspection process using the latest and most advanced technology to ensure the vehicle's good condition. Once it passes this exacting process, the vehicle is given a one-year limited warranty, giving its buyer the utmost value for money and the assurance of quality when purchasing a "Lexus Certified" pre-owned vehicle.

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The LCPOV program also gives customers a fair trade-in value, with the process of trading in their current vehicle to purchase a brand-new Lexus, a more convenient experience.

"In launching the new LCPOV program for Lexus, we aim to give more customers a chance to enjoy the unmatched performance, comforts and amenities that come with owning a luxury vehicle," said Lexus Manila president Danny Isla. "Moreover, with the introduction of this new service, we are able to practice the 'customer for life concept' for Lexus, in which the process from buying to replacing a vehicle will be made available in a one-stop shop facility. We are very excited to be able to find new ways for more customers to enjoy state-of-the-art vehicles and world-renowned service that Lexus is known for."

We can only wonder how much a pre-owned LF-A would cost under the LCPOV program.

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