Toyota Motor Philippines introduces pre-owned program

Making buying and selling a Toyota an easier experience
Apr 28, 2012

Toyota Motor Philippines is introducing to the market its Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (TCPOV) program that, according to the Japanese carmaker, gives its customers "utmost value for money in purchasing pre-owned vehicles."

Before TMP can tag a pre-owned unit as "Toyota Certified," it must first go through a rigorous testing process. Besides undergoing a thorough 203-point inspection process, the vehicle is examined with the latest and most advanced technology by the company's authorized assessors who have undergone extensive training under a Toyota Motor Corporation Specialist. Finally, the vehicle is checked and conditioned by highly trained dealer technicians before it is put on sale, complete with a one-year limited warranty.

Currently, TMP has three accredited dealerships to handle its TCPOV program: Toyota Bicutan, Toyota Balintawak and Toyota Iloilo. Its other dealers, though, will soon offer the program for the convenience of all its customers.

According to Raymond Rodriguez, TMP's first vice president for marketing, besides giving current Toyota owners a fair trade-in value for their vehicles, it can also be used as a down payment for them to buy a brand-new Toyota vehicle.

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"In launching the new TCPOV program, we aim to reward our customers for all the years of support," said TMP president Michinobu Sugata. "With this new service, we are able to practice the 'customer for life concept' wherein the process of buying and replacing a vehicle involves just a one-stop-shop facility. We at Toyota are very excited to be able to find new ways to provide our customers a more convenient purchasing experience and peace of mind with Toyota's Sure Advantage."

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