LTO runs out of registration stickers, forms

No sticker, no fear
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Feb 3, 2010

Feel like waiting for the last minute before renewing your car registration? This may just be the perfect time to procrastinate just a tiny bit--at least if your plate ends in "1" or "2."

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has run out of vehicle registration forms and 2010 registration stickers. The supply shortage has prompted the LTO to issue an order that temporarily refrains traffic enforcers from apprehending motorists driving with plate numbers ending in "1" without 2010 stickers.

Those with plate numbers ending in "2" may have to wait until February 8 before heading to the LTO as this is when the agency expects the arrival of the new batch of stickers and forms from the National Printing Office.

The LTO was caught unaware by the number of vehicles being registered for renewal, agency chief Arturo Lomibao said.

"We did not expect a huge increase in the volume of motor vehicles that were registered last month, that's why before we knew it, we were already running out of forms and stickers," Lomibao told

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There were roughly 5.8 million vehicles registered in 2009, the Manila Bulletin said, quoting Engr. Joel Jacinto, LTO chief for north motor vehicle inspection system in Metro Manila. He said there would be more or less 580,000 motor vehicles up for registration for each of the ten registration months. 

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