Mini sets world record for longest Christmas wish list

Does it say who's naughty and who's nice?
Dec 7, 2012
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Mini sets world record for longest Christmas wish list

On November 24, a fleet of eight Minis drove from the BMW Group headquarters in Munich, Germany, to the Finnish city of Rovaniemi, located in the Arctic Circle. The journey covered more than 3,500km and was part of a Guinness World Record attempt to deliver the longest Christmas wish list to Santa Claus.

Well, Mini has successfully completed its mission, collecting 75,954 wishes from a total of 16 countries and then compiling them all to create the longest wish list in the world at 3,798.5m and then delivering it to the Santa Claus Post Office in Rovaniemi.

According to Mini, the wish list was put together by joining the wishes end-to-end and by "using a special paper that has a minimal impact on the environment."

Was your Christmas wish included in this new world record?

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