Bill seeking to allow LGUs to require motorcyclists to take off helmets

Due to rising incidence of crimes
Feb 23, 2015 Philippine Car News - Solon wants LGUs to have freedom to implement motorcycle helmet law

Although Republic Act 10054 (Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009) is now a law, Rep. Celso Lobregat (first district, Zamboanga City) has filed a bill that seeks to allow local government units to suspend the wearing of motorcycle helmets in their area of jurisdiction due to the rising crime incidents committed by motorcycle riders.

"In 2013, according to records from the Philippine National Police, more than 3,000 crimes committed by motorcycle riders were reported in Metro Manila alone," Lobregat said in filing House Bill 4438. "This measure aims to provide the circumstances wherein the implementation of RA 10054 can be temporarily suspended by LGUs in their respective areas of jurisdiction."

Based on the bill, local government units that have high incidents of crimes committed by motorcycle riders may temporarily suspend the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 for a period of one year, but only upon the recommendation of the local peace and order council and the issuance of a duly-enacted ordinance. This temporary suspension may also be extended for a year "upon determination of the necessity for the extension by the local peace and order council."

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"While this amendatory bill recognizes the importance of protective gear like helmets in safeguarding motorcycle riders from injury during road accidents, the proposed measure also considers the security and well-being of the public since criminal elements are now taking advantage of the mobility provided them by motorcycles, and the convenience and ease with which they can conceal their identities by wearing helmets while committing crimes," the lawmaker added.

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